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Introducing vETH: DeFi's First Liquidity Position Derivative (LPD)

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How it works

Elevate Your ETH Yield

Vector harnesses cutting-edge capabilities of EigenLayer, delivering unmatched on-chain yield via the first Superfluid Staked LPD: vETH. Step into a realm where your assets work smarter, not harder.

How does Vector work?

Vector Reserve operates on a blend of innovative strategies and sustainable practices to establish a stable, growth-oriented reserve currency.

Benefits of Vector

Why Choose Vector?

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vETH LPD Utility

vETH is a tokenised asset/index of ETH denominated Liquidity Positions (LP) against LST's and LRT's and is engineered to closely track the value of Ethereum while offering the best returns. vETH generates yield through utilising EigenLayer's Superfluid Staking, meaning vETH allows for the restaking of ETH LPs, amplifying yield opportunities beyond traditional staking methods.

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Superfluid Staking

As an early adopter of Superfluid Staking, Vector Reserve offers unique liquid yield opportunity that is not yet widely available. Instead of restaking ETH or LSTs in EigenLayer, Vector Reserve allows users to stake LP tokens. This mechanism enhances the utility and yield-generation potential of staked assets ensuring participants remain liquid with a yield bearing ETH proxy.

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The VEC token continuously accrues backing over time whilst carefully managing a balanced and controlled supply. VEC works in tandem with vETH to create a sustainable ecosystem incentivizing the minting of vETH. VEC token holders are entrusted with governance rights, allowing them to participate in crucial decision-making processes that shape the future of the Vector Reserve protocol.



Vector Reserve has been audited by industry leaders in security. More on the way.

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