Vector Points (vPoints)

Accumulate vPoints by holding vETH. vPoints will accrue underlying points EtherFi, Renzo, Kelp, and other platforms. All vPoints from the treasury will be airdropped to sVEC holders.

Your Rewards

For every 1 vETH or svETH you hold, you will earn 1000 vPoints per day.
Holders of sVEC will share the vPoints accumulated by the treasury. Your held sVEC represents your respective share of the accumulated treasury points. Note: due to this mechanism, your points MAY fluctuate. Random snapshots will be taken prior to any points distributions.

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Your Ranking
Total Protocol Vector Points(Your Points)
EigenLayer PointsEigenLayer Points
EtherFi Loyalty PointsEtherFi Loyalty Points
Kelp MilesKelp Miles
Renzo ezPointsRenzo ezPoints
Puffer PointsPuffer Points
Swell PearlsSwell Pearls
Bedrock DiamondsBedrock Diamonds
Eigenpie PointsEigenpie Points

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